Brittney Levine on Dr. Steve Show

Brittney Levine will be on the Dr. Steve Show THIS SUNDAY July 15, 2012 to recommend the best gadgets for your kitchen to help you get thin! Check your local listings to see what time the show will be airing.

From selling various consumer products and participating and raising money in charities, Brittney’s inner circle agreed it was only natural for her to transition into the role of Style & Trend Expert. Her unique sales skills made it easy to help others find brands, products and outfits which made the most sense for them.

After graduating from the University of Miami of Ohio’s Richard T. Farmer School of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Brittney was employed at Elite Traveler Magazine, selling ad space in private jet terminals across the country. While it was interesting to learn the inner workings of a magazine, her real passions revolved around fashion and television – making the switch of careers seamless.

With prominent internships in public relations and marketing firms throughout college, Brittney re-entered the world of publicity and quickly surrounded herself with tastemakers, trendsetters and new business concepts popping up all over New York City and the world. Brittney grew up learning that maintaining good relationships with people is essential, and she had a keen sense of turning a “no” with regard to a magazine placement, segment or post for a client, into a “yes.”

After helping write fashion and lifestyle segments for some of New York City’s top television style experts, it didn’t seem atypical when a producer suggested that she host a segment she had written herself. As a publicist that collaborated with editors and producers on a daily basis, Brittney found the move to TV to be fun and rewarding. She enjoyed promoting unknown brands and products to thousands of people.

After her first fashion segment, producers noted Brittney’s calm “relate-ability” factor in front of the cameras and have since encouraged her to spread her ideas nationally. Brittney has currently appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and E! News covering everything from pet style to fashion favorites and catering each idea to how her viewers can get the most “bang for their buck.”

Additionally, Brittney has also hosted fashion shows for the full service wedding and event planning company, Kasal NY, and helped to mentor young girls learn the art of public speaking through Fashionista University, fashion classes for teens with a passion for fashion.

Britney currently resides in New York City and various airport terminals across the country. She is a die-hard sports fan that enjoys reading, traveling the world and spending time with her friends and family.


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