Dr. Steve talks Y-ME with Edie Falco

Dr. Steve talks Y-ME with actress Edie Falco.

The award-winning actress and new spokesperson for Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization was interviewed this week on Fox & Friends onFox News, News Nation with Tamron Hall on MSNBC, AP Television Network and The Daily Buzz as part of a media tour to release the results of a national poll of breast cancer survivors that found that 84% say talking to another survivor is one of the most important ways of dealing with the disease.

In a poll conducted by Whitman Insight Strategies for Y-ME, 68% of survivors say they wish that they could have been connected to other survivors.  A whopping 95% said it was important to have a 24-hour hotline for fellow survivors yet only 14% were aware that such an organization exists today.Edie Falco is one of them.

“I wish I knew about the hotline when I was diagnosed 9 years ago.  It would have been hugely helpful to me,” explained Ms. Falco.  “Y-ME’s mission is near to my heart and they need your support.  Personally I know how important it is to have, on the other end of a line, someone who knows exactly what you’re going through.  Knows the right thing to say, knows the specifics of how things are going to feel, the certain treatments, and what it’s like to lose your hair.  Stuff that you can’t really ask your doctor about because they haven’t been through it.”

According to Ms. Falco, Y-ME needs your support because more people need to know that we’re here for them 24/7/365.  “To make a phone call, to someone who doesn’t know me but has been through [breast cancer], it just seems like a miraculous idea.” said Ms. Falco.


For more info, please visit http://www.y-me.org/

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